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Our dispatch is available 24/7, which ensures that our customers can be confident that there is always someone they can reach. A constant communication between our trucks drivers to our customers is guaranteed. You can depend on our professional drivers to make deliveries on time and in a safe manner.

Dragon Trucking specializes in both less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckloads for transportation in both directions between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC. In addition, we are a bonded carrier in both the USA and Canada.



Providing excellent customer service and satisfaction, while paying special attention to your cargo.

Our multi-door warehouse is equipped with temperature-controlled capacities in our Burnaby, B.C. location where our customers are able to store both fresh and frozen products.

Dragon Trucking uses cold chain delivery methods when dealing with shipping temperature-sensitive products. From the moment we pick up your freight, and throughout the transportation, we are using 24/7 monitoring technology to guarantee a consistent temperature throughout the whole process. This cold chain is critical in the way we ensure that we uphold the quality standard and product sensitivity for every customer.

Please use the Contact Form/Pricing Inquiry section if you are interested in a quote regarding a shipment, or our pricing on a regular lane of traffic.


Dragon Trucking Ltd.

5628 Riverbend Drive #2,

Burnaby, British Columbia,

V3N 0C1 Canada


Phone: 604-777-9720 ext. #2

Fax: 604-777-1049

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